Glow Recap & Review

3.5/5 ⭐️

Favorite quotes:

“We’ve all got a little rotten in us, and I wouldn’t change that for anything. It’s how we’ve survived.”

I’ve always been treated like treasure, but with Slade, I’m simply treasured.

“I had to be the one to save myself.”

“Meeting new people is rarely rewarding.”

“No, Goldfinch,” he interrupts. “I’m good to you. But I am every bit the villain that I warned you I was.”

I’ll be the villain for you. Not to you.

“If you’re a villain…then I’ll be a villain with you.”

“One person’s pain doesn’t negate another’s. Our heartaches are not competition, but the bridge to empathy.”

But maybe that’s just what home is. A feeling.

“People rarely change their opinions when they’re argued with. They only tend to listen to the voices of those they already agree with.”

“But I needed to be cut down to finally rise up on my own like a phoenix from the ashes.”

“I’ll be the villain for you. He is the epitome of death and revenge. The personification of rage.”

The main points from Glow to remember for the release of Gold. (My thoughts are in bold.)

This fourth installment introduces the new POV of Slade as a child. It shows the reader how close he was with his brother, Ryatt/decoy Commander Rip and the poor relationship he had with his father. His father only showed interest in

Slade once his power manifested. He then proceeded to spend hours and hours training Slade bordering on child abuse. These were my favorite chapters because I love villain origin stories.

Then there were way too many chapters alternating between present day Slade and Auren POVs as Auren recovers/trains after draining her power (it reminded me very much of Nesta training with Cassian in ACOSF). Part of Slade’s rot stayed in her. I thought these chapters were quite boring and could have been spiced up with more sexy time.

Auren is abducted under orders of Queen Kalia, via her brother, Manu, and brought to a royal Conflux on trial in front of all the kings/queens of Orea for murder/stealing Mida’s gold touch. As she stands trial, her gold and well as Slade’s rot is leaked out of her. This cementing the accusations that Auren is also seducing Slade/King Ravinger to steal his magic like she allegedly seduced and stole Mida’s magic. The only way Slade is able to rescue Auren from immediate execution was creating a rip to transport Auren to Annwyn.

I also loved loved loved the alternating POVs between Rissa & Osrik and their budding romance. It gave me Cassian/Nesta Lorcan/Elide vibes. Rissa was left for dead during Auren’s abduction but ends up okay.

The book ends with Queen Malina restoring the bridge between Annwyn and Orea. She was tricked by Fae: she thought she was restoring 7th kingdom in exchange for magic. Fae begin pouring over the bridge into seventh kingdom.

Most importantly I would never have forgiven Raven Kennedy if she had killed off Argo, but fortunately he was rescued by Slade’s soldiers.

For a more in-depth review/recap, I recommend reading Mae Polzine’s post.

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